Global Penn State Staff Directory

Global Penn State Staff Directory

Directorate of Education Abroad (DEA)

Image of Brian Brubaker
Brian Brubaker, Director
420A Boucke
(814) 863-6035
Female Avatar Image
Kristi Wormhoudt, Associate Director
420B Boucke
(814) 863-3960
Image of Connie Bauer
Connie Bauer, Administrative Assistant to Director/Embedded Programs Coordinator
420 Boucke
(814) 863-3667

Faculty-Led Programs

Image of Kate Manni
Kate Fox Manni, Assistant Director for Faculty-Led Programs and Special Initiatives
201 Lubert 
(814) 863-3961
Image of Micah Parrish
Micah Parrish, Faculty-Led Freestanding Programs Assistant
201 Lubert
(814) 863-4816
Female Avatar Image
Michelle Smeal, Faculty-Led Embedded Programs Assistant
319 Boucke
(814) 865-4384
Image of Ashley Wang
Ashley Wang, Faculty-Led Freestanding Programs Assistant
201 Lubert
(814) 865-2981

Records Management

Female Avatar Image

Tara Johnson, Records Manager
420C Boucke
(814) 865-3265

Male Avatar Image

Brian Adair, Records Specialist
420D Boucke
(814) 863-3962

Exchange Programs

Image of Amber DeCosmo
Amber DeCosmo, Exchange Specialist
422D Boucke
(814) 867-4584

Education Abroad Advisers

Female Avatar Image
Tineka Lubrun, Manager
422B Boucke
(814) 863-0208
Advises for UK and Ireland.  Temporary adviser for Germany, Austria, and the CIEE: Global Institutes. 
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Sarah Spiegel, Education Abroad Adviser
422A Boucke
(814) 863-7429
Advises for Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and Northern Europe (Sweden, Denmark, and The Netherlands).
Female Avatar Image
Erica Nikolaisen, Education Abroad Adviser
422C Boucke
Advises for Italy, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and Africa.
Image of Karyn Comeau
Karyn Comeau, Education Abroad Adviser
(814) 863-1986
Advises for France, Belgium, Greece, Croatia, Canada, Asia, and Eastern Europe.  Temporary adviser for ISI Florence.

Peer Advisers

426A Boucke
(814) 865-5195
Learn more about this year's peer advising group, including biographies and hours of availability.